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Gift bag

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Gift bag

Gift bag

  • Super sticky on every surface
  • 3 different sizes / pack
  • Water + dishwasher resistant
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Can I see a sticker preview?

No, this is not possible because we have to cut out the image manually. But we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee when it comes to the print quality. If you're totally not happy with the quality of the stickers, we'll reprint a new set, free of charge.

Can I order less than 21 stickers?

Unfortunately, Not. We are a small local company and it is too complex to print different amounts and sizes for each order. On top of that, we have high fixed costs to customize your order (cut-out image, prepare file, print stickers, prepare for delivery). To ensure that we can continue to do what we love to do, we have to put up certain barriers.

Can I get stickers of 2 different kids/dogs/cats?

Yes, by ordering 2 separate 1 packs. Select the 1 pack option, upload your image and add to cart. Click on 'Continue shopping' and repeat the process with the new photo. You'll get the 15% discount on your second image as well.

What's the shipping time?

Shipping takes 4-9 business days in NL,BE,FR and DE.

For the UK, shipping takes 7-14 business days.

We print every Thursday in Ghent (Belgium). We are a local business and try our best to get your awesome stickers to you as soon as possible!

Do I need to pay import duties in the UK?

No, we take care of any duties related to the shipping of the stickers. If in any case you would still get charged you can contact us on and we will refund the charges.

What's the best picture to upload?

It's best to upload a picture where the full face is visible. Our designers will carefully cut the face from your photo. If you have a special request regarding your photo, for example: Keep the full body, keep the bow, keep the toy in the mouth,... you can leave a comment underneath the uploadtool.

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    Upload a picture where the face is clearly visible.

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    We cut out the image and add a border.

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    Get 21 stickers in 3 different sizes delivered to you in a super cool packaging.

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